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Celimar Machado
Celimar Machado ▪️ Fashion | Lifestyle | TravelBlogger ▫️Owner: @jewelsbyjcp ▪️Tiktok: celimarmachado ▫️Check out my latest blog ⤵️
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Sending positive vibes 💓
When life gives you hundred reasons to break down and cry show life that you have million of reasons to smile and laugh. Stay strong.
Just looking over my trips I been too over the years and reminiscing about all the good times I had. Found this photo of me taken in London. Wow I just wish I was back there again. What have you guys been doing to keep yourself busy? I created a website where I post blog post and give you advice. You guys should definitely check it out. The link is in my bio.
Holly Powers
Holly Powers Jesus, coffee + peanut butter lover. Wifey to @d_powerz84 wearing everyday style while living a cozy, neutral, farmhouse life!
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Well meet Billy, Billy Butcherson, get it?🧟‍♀️🧙🏼‍♀️ Anyway he’s going to be hanging around helping me add my Halloween decor and maybe some house chores not really sure what ol’ Billy is gonna be doing but Binx sure is curious to find out. Lol 😂💀
I have been dreaming of a Oreo jar since I saw @athomewithjenna adorable one she changes for the seasons + holidays!  When I saw it I was like “I have the jar 😍” So 2 party packs later and Dave’s threats to eat them and here we are 😂 it’s the little things isn’t it? // I’m slowly adding in Halloween decor and I’m so excited to share!! I’ll be sharing a blog soon on my go to decor for a spooky haunted (farm)house 🧟‍♀️👻 can’t wait!
I don’t really know what to say or share today but it’s not going to be the highlight reel, but it is going to be the real.  Currently in the Powers house.  The sink is full of dishes, the laundry basket is over flowed, throw pillows lay on the floor, shoes wait to be put away, floors need to be vacuumed and desperately need to be mopped but truth none of this will happen today, probably.  This week my anxiety reached an all time high.  Thankfully today I woke up feeling more grounded and more at peace for the first time in a bit. Why do I share this?  Because I know I’m not alone.  About 40 million adults are plagued with anxiety.  Someone reading this either is struggling or has and maybe reading this will remind us all we are not alone.  I hope all of you find a way to enjoy the day!  Do something for you! Get outside, read a book, take a walk, a bath, drink a glass of wine!  Whatever brings you joy hunny, do that!! 😘💕
Casey Holmes
Casey Holmes YouTuber & Founder of @rosiedazebtq Mama to Mason 📍GA 💍Marlar 🐶@themarlarpups New video! 👇🏼
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Happy Easter!! 🐣🐰
Since i had to cancel Easter pics for mase a few weeks ago, i decided to whip up my own background and take some here at the house! This was so fun and I’m so glad i have his first Easter pics 😭💜 Sweetest boy.
Comfy clothes only until further notice 🤪 what’s the FIRST thing you’re gonna do when we are FREE AS BIRDS! I’ve been itching to go to the book store with mase! Love this outfit for staying home since it’s comfy & chic! (IMO 🤪) the shoes really set it off- i love them so much! From @justfabonline #JustFabAmbassador #ad
AUDREY MADISON STOWE Affordable everyday style w/ some glam 💥👄 Dallas | texas tech alum Bride-to-be💍 #madformartinez 🖥💗blogger: life, beauty, & fashion
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It’s Friday eve my friends 👏🏻👏🏻 in some comfy clothes today running around town. If you don’t have a camo tee in your closet yet.... you need one! Such a frequent tee that I grab. This one is only $8 too😱
OUTFIT DEETS———— Camo shirt is so comfy and cute for day to day wear, wearing a small! My joggers are also sooo comfy y’all! #liketkit #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50
Fall mantle is pretty much done 🎃🌟🌿 Marley & I have said it before and we’ll say it again..... We.are. READY for some fall weather 🤣🤣 I took her on a 5 min walk today and was drenched in sweat 🤨 Hope your day was great! Linking some fall decor below 📱 Marley’s bandana is @fidozbandanas -
🏙 OUTFIT DEETS——— Fall mantle 🌾🌿 My pumpkins are from home goods and linking what I can! Love the pop of orange happening here too. Linked to my fun boho basket and vase, wheat is from hobby lobby. #liketkit #LTKhome
Happy hump dayyyyy🌾 Picking up my wedding dress today from final alterations and also leaving town tonight so it’s gonna be a busy day. 🤪 I’ve got a blog post up all about  10 most comfortable fall shoes for work!!! 👡👢 Hope your day is so fabulous 💋 -
OUTFIT DEETS———— The perfect fall swing dress ♥️ under $40 and wearing a small!! My snakeskin booties are 33% off right now too y’all! 👏🏻 #liketkit #LTKshoecrush #LTKsalealert #LTKfall
Jill ❣️
Jill ❣️ 💖YouTube - missgreeneyes 💖Snapchat - missgreeneyes80 💖Twitter - missgreeneyes80 💖Venmo - Jillian-Bryan-1
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💛 ALYCIA CROWLEY Wife • Mama • Food Lova’🍕 🌻 Create JOY through simplifying your life + home! ☀️ Birth Advocate • Motherhood • Habits ✌🏼Join me in stories!
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This circus right here is why I live for Target Drive Up Service! Please note Holden having just spit up in this picture. 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ Mamas, you need to be taking advantage of Target’s Drive Up. 🙌🏼 Easy and convenient for those of us with busy schedules and little kids you don’t want to haul out of the car to go shopping! Haha⁣⁣
Right now they have an awesome promo where if you make an online purchase for drive up or pick up with qualifying items of $75 you receive a free $20 gift card.👌🏼 Or with an in store purchase you can receive a $15 Target gift card when you spend $50! ⁣
⁣Qualifying items of @tidelaundry @downy @charmin @swiffer ⁣@mycascade and @bountypapertowels Products you are already using and loving! ❤️⁣⁣
Offer valid NOW until 9/21 #AvailableatTarget #ad ⁣⁣
💥Look for additional savings with Cartwheel.
I had such a fun weekend and had the treat of spending time with some ladies I grew up with! It felt like a little high school reunion or something. ❤️ Thankful for those friendships that stand the test of time and distance.
Trevor and I both have never been very good about asking for, or receiving help. We are fiercely independent and self-reliant. However I have never needed more help than I have this past year; and you would think that moving somewhere brand new and not knowing anyone would make everything even harder. But the community here has been amazing. 😭❤️⁣⁣⁣
So much service always being offered to our family. I'm honestly crying right now as I write this. People who hardly know us have offered to help us when we moved, when I was pregnant, when we all got horribly sick at the start of the year, when I just needed a hair cut before Holden was born, after I had the baby... the list is endless. So grateful for the acts of service from those who pay attention to others. It is a gift some people just have. And that isn’t even including the celebrating us, with throwing me a birthday party and baby showers. ⁣⁣⁣
I have felt kind of guilty being on the end of needing so much service. It’s not a place I’m used to being. Feeling so blessed in my time of need has only strengthened my desire to serve and care for those when I can. ⁣⁣⁣
Just a reminder that your sweet gestures to others can seem so small to you, but can make a world of difference for someone. ❤️⁣⁣⁣
*Old pic of me and Trevor pre-children. When I thought I had “no time” and was so “busy” haha 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️⁣
MARY ⚡️ | outfits + beauty
MARY ⚡️ | outfits + beauty dtx | htx ✨ be unique ✉️ email for collabs youtube☟
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🌸 Giveaway time! 🌸


Are you ready to get your glow on during quarantine? 
Enter to win this assortment of Pixi skincare + makeup goodies to help you feel your absolute best ✨They’re one of my all-time favorite brands and I hope this can cheer someone up during these crazy times :)
To Enter:

1 // Follow @maryworewhat 
2 // Like & SAVE this post 
3 // Tag 2 friends - the more you tag, the more entries!

Bonuses 💫
1 // Share this to ur stories + tag me so I see it [+10 entries]
2 // Subscribe to my Youtube Channel (link in bio - new video coming this week!) [+5 entries]
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Included in prize:
- Vitamin C Lotion
- Vitamin C Juice Cleanser
- On the Glow Stick
- Lip Glow Icing
- Heart Defense Palette
- Radiance Powder
- Eye Brush set with case
($150 value 💸)
[unfollowers will be disqualified from future giveaways]
My favorite set I’ve ever owned 🕊
thank you @secchic_official for blessing me with it ✨
pretty sunsets ahead 🌅 hope everyone is having a great Thursday!
[photo by me. only reposts with proper tags and credit will be tolerated]
Candice Diamond Jones
Candice Diamond Jones [25 | Miami, FL🌻] • Natural Hair Enthusiast • Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger • Merch👉🏽 @curlygirlmerch
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Safe to say my braid and I lived our best life this weekend! I’m so grateful to @createcultivate for sharing their space with me and other women to learn and grow from, I left feeling both supported and inspired💫 #createandcultivate #artbaselmiami
So excited to be here at the @createcultivate Miami Vision Summit with @LenovoUS ! They’re here with their super sleek and innovative Yoga C940 and it’s a creatives dream😩 Staying inspired is key and the sky is really the limit with technology like this! (check my story for a closer look at it) #ad #LenovoArtBasel #CCVisionSummit
These Lip Mate High Shine Toppers by @thrivecausemetics are 🔥 They come in 4 different shades, all with the perfect amount of shimmer and I’m obsessed😩 Thrive Causemetics is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and they recently launched in select @ultabeauty stores! Also, for every purchase they donate to help and woman thrive so be sure to pick up these along with some of their other products on your next beauty run✨#sponsored #ultabeauty #thrivecausemetics
Isabela Christyna
Isabela Christyna In God is my trust🙏🏻***
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MILLENNIAL MOMMY DIARIES☽ Mama to Dior & Broderick ♥️ DM/EMAIL to collab Bay Area
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Beachwaver tutorial
•Current mood•
Get your diapers and wipes from @get.dyper click the link In my bio.
They are having great deals right now when you buy two boxes of diapers or one giant box of wipes!
I know so many of us are feeling anxious about what’s going on, but let’s stay together. Let’s lift each other up and be extra loving and grateful.🙏🏽♥️ Things will get better.
Shop this look @plushboutiquebrentwood 📸 @beccatorresphoto
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