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397.37K Vistas· 2017-07-15 Fecha de Publicación· 5.21K Gustos· 450 Comentarios or Facebook : Silat Suffian Worldwide. Visit our website for more info on future seminars and events. Congratulation to Guro Alexander Pisarkin for organising a very successful 3 days Silat Cross Training Seminar (between the 7th and 9th July 2017) in St.Petersburg, Russia with Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao of Silat Buka Lingkaran representing Indonesian Martial Art, myself, Maul Mornie for Silat Suffian Bela Diri representing Bruneian Martial Art and guest instructor Tuhon Felix Cortes, founder of Filipino Combatives. Thank You to Colonel Igor Potapov for hosting the event in St.Petersburg and assisting Guro Alexander Pisarkin in organising the event. Thank you to Tuhon Felix Cortes and Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao for giving me the opportunity to share the floor with you. Thank you Guro Alexander Pisarkin for his tireless efforts to promote and spread South East Asian Martial Arts in Russia. Thank You to Guro Alexander Pisarkin, Massimiliano Cocco, Dennis and others in the seminar for thier patience assisting Tuhon Felix Cortes, Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao and myself. Thank you to everyone that traveled from near and far to support this event, to those coming from Ekaterinburg, Tosno, Kirov, Yaroslavl, Vladivostok, Moscow, Tver, Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad and from St. Petersburg. Tarikan Tenaga - Bruneian Silat's Natural Body Armour, against hards strikes (FMA Elbow Limb Destruction and Muay Thai Low Kick) Turn up volume to hear the strikes connect. I am very fortunate to have highly skilled friends in the International Martial Arts Community that helps me to grow in my martial arts journey. I like to test myself, and with their help they raise me to a different level. Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another. Thank you Alexander Pisarkin and Alvin Guinanao for your sincere strikes. Appreciation and acknowledgement to my Tarikan Tenaga mentor Guru Utama Ramlan Hj Lamit and the Silat Brunei Silat Betawi Tiga family for their guidance and teachings. All I am showing is nothing but the basics and I am a beginner that is still learning. DISCLAIMER THE MARTIAL ARTS FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO PRESENTATION MAY CAUSE SERIOUS HARM OR DEATH IF USED IRRESPONSIBLY. THIS VIDEO PRESENTATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AS A SELF DEFENCE INSTRUCTION OR ADVICE. THIS VIDEO PRESENTATION IS FOR TOURISM, CULTURAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. IT CANNOT BE USED AS A LEGAL ADVICE. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE YOU TO HARM ANOTHER LIVING PERSON OR DO ANYTHING VIOLENT. YOU MUST CONSIDER THE LEGAL IMPLICATIONS OF EVERYTHING YOU DO, EXERCISING YOUR JUDGEMENT AND COMMON SENSE AS AN ADULT. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE LAW OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCES. WHATEVER YOU DO YOU DO OUT OF YOUR OWN INTENTIONS.

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