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2.34M Vistas· 2016-02-11 Fecha de Publicación· 9.44K Gustos· 133 Comentarios

This HD quality video features the latest luxury Mercedes Sprinter conversion from Carisma Auto Design Ltd. Based in the South East of England; Carisma is the industry leader for luxury automotive interiors with a global portfolio of VIP clients. This 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter interior demonstrates the quality British craftsmanship which goes into every Carisma vehicle. The 2016 extra-long Mercedes Sprinter features: The Mercedes Sprinter chassis was modified to client’s exact requirements and includes: 1.) Length extended by one metre over the rear axle, totalling 7.9 metres 2.) Total internal length of the passenger cabin: 5.0 metres 3.) Luxurious metallic sea blue external paintwork 4.) Chrome wheels 5.) Air suspension for additional comfort 6.) Side doors de-featured, replaced by single access door from the front – adjacent to the driver 7.) Panoramic glass roof – with automatic blinds 8.) Panoramic windows – with electronic blinds 9.) Tinted windows 10.) Elevated rear floor for extra luggage space 11.) Safety windows 12.) Internal electronic sliding doors in tinted glass The Interior The interior cabin, fitted with 9 Mercedes Benz ML seats, was finished in “Bentley Brooklands” magnolia leather –hand stitched by Carisma skilled craftsmen. The two master seats have air cooling fans built into the back of the ventilated seat panels. The three section fold out tables, when extended, provides plenty of table space for food, beverages and laptops for eight of the nine occupants. There are four double, three pin, sockets for power – paired with eight USB connectivity for the charging of mobile devices. The comfortable seats with individual arm rests, all have electrical adjustable foot rests, head rests, rear tilt recline, and seat heating and seat massage systems. The twin “captains” seat convert into an almost “flat bed”. Eight seats have an individual beverage holder. The SONY tablet controls the AV system comprising of radio, TV, CD and DVD with I-pad and I-phone connectivity. There are two HD TV screens, one on the rear bulkhead – and one above the entrance door which can be lowered at the press of a button. The sound is delivered through a special Bang and Olfsen sound system. The internet is accessed through an on-board PC allowing for emails and web browsing on the move. Throughout the vehicle are adjustable electronic blinds that can be lowered and raised using either of the twin SONY tablets. Similarly, the mood lighting is adjusted as required, from a low tint to full on brightness. The air conditioning is fully controlled by the occupant of the “captains” chair. Access and exit from the front cabin, into the rear, is through electronic tinted glass doors – activated at the touch of a button. The driver’s cabin is trimmed in the same leather and carpets as the rear cabin.

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