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I wish I was making this stuff up Nation. I just hope nobody in my gym thought these were REAL exercises while I was filming them! (0:34)- Seated Barbell Curl (1:04)- Triceps Pushdown (elbows out) (1:48)- Uneven Bench Press (2:43)- Cable \"Bent-Over\" Row (3:37)- AB \"Quarter\" Crunches (4:20)- Behind The Knee Triceps Extension (5:38)- Barbell Shoulder Press To THE FACE! (6:25)- \"Assisted\" Single-Leg Pushdown (7:28)- 21s (Biceps Curls) (8:52)- 2 Inch Leg Press (9:39)- Candy Cane SYNTHA-6 - (10:12)- FAKE OUT - Leg Press *READ FULL ARTICLE WITH PHOTOS* In today’s article, I thought we would have a little fun. I want to share with you 10 of the craziest, dumbest “exercises” that I’ve seen in my gym since moving down to Florida. I wish I was making this stuff up, because some of it is pretty hilarious! So let’s start things off with a bang! Exercise #1: Seated Barbell Biceps Curl I know you can lift more weight by doing half curls but this is taking it to a whole new level. There is absolutely no benefit to doing a seated barbell curl. You can’t even break 90 degrees on the way down during the eccentric portion of the movement. If you want to do a seated curl, it’s very simple – you grab dumbbells and you do it the right way! Exercise #2: Triceps Pushdown (Elbows Out) With this movement I know you want to be able to lift the entire stack, but hunching over the bar with your shoulders pronated forward and your elbows flared out isn’t the way to do it. You’re not hitting those triceps as hard as you possibly can. However, there is a catch as to why people do this – most of the time when I see dudes doing this, it’s so they can look in the mirror so they can admire that tricep flex on the way down on every single repetition. But if you want to see triceps gains and not just look at them in the mirror, you need to do proper form which is elbows by your sides, chest up and full extension on the way down. Exercise #3: Uneven Bench Press In a video it might look like this could work if you have one side of your chest lagging or smaller than the other side. But what’s really happening while you’re doing these reps is that you are straining the entire side of your body where the heavier weight is on, not even allowing you to properly bench the weight and place all of that mind-muscle connection you need in your chest in order to break it down to see growth. This does not work! There are exercises where you can potentially hold the barbell straight up and just bring one arm down at a time, kind of like a single-arm dumbbell bench press, but doing it this way, absolutely not! If you want to grow your chest and one side is lagging compared to the other, all you need to do is bench more consistently and work with progressive overload. Exercise #4: Cable “Bent-Over” Row This is done on a lat pulldown machine and you basically sit like you’re about to do a reverse lat pulldown and then once you get into position, you lean all the way back and start pulling the bar to your belly button in order to simulate a barbell bent-over row. There’s just so many things wrong with doing it this way, not to mention that you’re not going to be able to overload properly. That’s because the weight won’t go that high on the machine and the weight you try to use in order to overload is probably going to pull you out of the seat as you start to go heavier. Lastly, you’re not really getting that nice deep stretch that you want in your lats because the position you’re in isn’t really allowing that to happen. So if you want to grow your lats and you’re having a hard time, don’t try to invent something new, just stick with what you know – barbell bent-over rows. Exercise #5: Ab “Quarter” Crunches I’m willing to bet that quite a few of you reading this are guilty of this! You got to the ab crunch machine, you load as much weight as you can on it because you want to build some big blocky abs, but then when it comes time to doing the reps all you’re doing is quarter crunches at the top of the movement. Let me explain something... *CONTINUE READING HERE* Program Selector - Get The Right Program For You! - ---------------------------------------- Subscribe To My Channel - ---------------------------------------- 1 on 1 Online Coaching - ---------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD MY APP! – iPhone & Android! ---------------------------------------- MORE TIPS! -

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