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17.22M Vistas· 2014-09-24 Fecha de Publicación· 141.41K Gustos· 9.35K Comentarios

Dej Loaf "Try Me" available on iTunes Listen to Dej Loaf "Try Me" on soundcloud Produced by: DDS (@dds825) Shot by: Jerry Production (@JerryPHD) stay connected with Dej Loaf: (search "dejloaf" on instagram) (@DejLoaf) Download Dej Loaf's mixtape "Sell Sole" Try Me Lyrics: [Chorus x2] Let a nigga try me, try me I'm a get his whole mothafuckin' family And I ain't playin wit nobody Fuck around and I'm a catch a body [Verse 1] Bitch I got the mac or the 40 Turn a bitch to some macaroni Tell me how you want it I'm on it I really mean it I'm just not recordin' Give lil bro the choppa for all you actors Leave a bitch nigga head in pasta You are an impostor, ain't got no money Put the burner to his tummy, and make it bubbly I really hate niggas I'm a Nazi Love wearin' all black, you should see my closet Rock that all white, when I'm feelin' Godly Hop out like Coke, I ain't gotta park it Fuck is y'all saying, bitch my hood love me 48214 real niggas know me I been out my mind since they killed my cousin Free my cousin Devin, man he just called me All these niggas love me, can't get 'em off me Fuck around gave him my number, he won't stop callin' IBGM the clique bitch you see us scorin' V.I.P in the plural, while yo section borin' Got a bitch that set it off like Jada Pinkett, Queen Latifah You rollin' around wit yo nieces bitch T.T Mind full money, got a heart full of demons Mobbin' like Italians, we really take yo fingas Turn yo face into a pizza, no acne Have you singin' like Alicia, fuck wit my family They be like you little, but got damn she spazzin' Do the whole crew, my bitches freak nasty [Chorus x2] [Verse 2] Bitch I got the Tommy no Hilfiger Lil Dej ain't bout it, bitch how you figure I don't do no drugs, I be off liquor So lifted, flyer than yo girl, baby gone and take my picture See I gotta get this money, my palms itchin' Niggas gossip like hoes, most of 'em bitches I don't wanna do no songs, I don't wanna kick it And I ain't signin' to no label, bitch I'm independent [Chorus] Let a nigga try me, try me I'm a get his whole mothafuckin' family And I ain't playin wit nobody Fuck around and I'm a catch a body ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We Good Lyrics: [Verse 1] They say, "Dej why you ain't drop yet? Where your new shit? Who you down with? What's Sell Sole mean?", It mean I'm out here Pay me a check or I can't show up to your soundcheck All these goofy ass rappers on that clown shit On your fifth mixtape and ain't nobody heard shit Maybe you boys should slow it down I think smart, my shit comin', it's goin' down Can't beat us, you niggas better join us now Best believe I got these rappers disappointed now All these bitches turnt up, I'm finna turn 'em down Tell 'em that I'm back and I still got my fuckin' crown We don't rap beef, we really clap heat Put the tip to your lips, that's a black and mild Fuck these hipsters and their fuckin' style I'd rather wear my own shit, fuck a hand-me-down And fuck all of these fake lean sippers Above dreams, these niggas ain't seen different They played the wrong roles, now my scene different I'm a dog with this shit and these fleas itchin' Used to do shit for free, now the fee is different Cause I done came up, now I need interest I said fuck tryna please, nigga I'm like please, nigga, shout out to my team, nigga [Hook] I said we good over here I said we good over here, I swear, I swear, I swear I said we good over here I said we good over here, I swear, I swear, I swear [Verse 2] I'm just tryna stack these ten bars Where the fuck these labels at? They shoulda been called I be goin' off the handle Nigga think he hard, I'ma tell him pull his pants down I'm on hold with Interscope Let me click over for Def Jam If they ain't talkin' a couple mil' Then they can just forget it, fam Cause I be spittin' crack, make a rap bitch snort a line In the studio, you ain't got a hit, you wastin' time Most of these rappers fake, they was lame before they made a song I've been the shit, and that's word to my fuckin' mom New scarf on my head, niggas thinkin' I'm a Crip And my Blood got on blood, we on some gangsta shit Born to get money and I'm too legit to quit No handouts, nigga, I'ma get it how I live [Hook]

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