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786.57K Vistas· 2019-07-30 Fecha de Publicación· 37.47K Gustos· 5.31K Comentarios

lights out is magcon 2.0 and it’s an absolute nightmare ah shit here we go again hey guys welcome back to the channel!!! woo!!! I’m sorry again for missing an upload on sunday, for some reason youtube’s creator studio just wasn’t letting me upload so here i am on a tuesday, hopefully that will suffice! today we’re looking at lights out and the lights out tour which is basically just magcon 2.0 but instead of vine stars and nash grier we have tik tok stars and payton moormeier. i thought it’d be fun to take a look at the people on the tour, the tour itself, and of course some of the fanfiction because if we thought magcon was a fever dream... i just .,. yikes. honestly the more i looked into lights out the more i realized that the comparisons of it being the second phase of magcon really aren’t a stretch, they are literally the exACT same thing down to even the content the new guys put out that is basically just ripped off vine content the magcon boys used to put out. while im probably never going to understand the tik tok world, i can at least explore it. anyways i hope you guys enjoy the video, i had a ton of fun filming this so hopefully its just as enjoyable to watch :) ofc lemme know your thoughts below and bTW shout out to all the people who requested for this video!!! if any of y’all have any future ideas just lemme know im always down for suggestions :) aNYWAYS ILL STOP TALKING TY FOR WATCHING I APPRECIATE YALL SM HAVE A GOOD DAY :)))) // S O C I A L S ☞ Follow Me! IG: caseyaonso ☞ Tweet me! Twitter: caseyaonso ☞ Apple Music + playlists: caseyaonso ☞ Subscribe! // OTHER VIDEOS WEOOOO exploring the property brothers' music career and fanbase → "The Deplorable Choir" are... awful → the pyramid scheme influencer epidemic | casey aonso → was the magcon era a fever dream? | casey aonso → tik tok made a bootleg high school musical... | casey aonso → exploring the world of tana mongeau’s music career | casey aonso → kj apas new netflix movie is worse than riverdale | casey aonso → // E D I T I N G Final Cut Pro X

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