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Sky Does Everything
Se unió a YouTube en: 2011-02-27Área: Estados Unidos  Idioma: Inglés 
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30.07K  0.4%
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395th  (Top 1%)
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165th  (Top 1%)
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25  (Mes reciente)
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$ 7.31K-$ 22.64K
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$ 656.59  (Cada Video)
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Recordatorio: Debido al Youtube solo muestra 3 cifras primeras de cantidad de seguidores, por eso la curva hay un poco cambio
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1.32M Vistas· 2018-08-17 Fecha de Publicación· 66.87K Gustos· 19.15K Comentarios

I don't really know what to say, so I just tried to let it go, I have a lot to say to you all, those who've grown up with me. I hope you guys can grow with me again. #Nobodies Links to everything happening right now Music (Sept 3rd Mixtape /w 11 New tracks) IRL Streaming (Events, Conversations, Daily Life, Memes) (Turn on Notifications) Gaming Streams /w #Nobodies (WoW, GTA, Rust, VR Chat and more) (Notifications are life) Vlogs Edited and Shot by Girlfriend Twitter & Instagram @NetNobody Below are the talented People I love and live with, we've gone through a lot together so get to know them! Chadd (Unwoji) (Producer) Michael (Red) (Vlogger/Gamer) Jason (Foxy) Breanna (Breezy) (She just started creating content!) http:// If you've made it through to the end of the description, I'd like to thank you for going out of your way to follow me on everything, and joining me on this next journey. Life has been really hard for me mentally, growing up was really hard and life has thrown me a lot of curveballs, but I geniunely want to say thank you so much, to my second family, all of you out here, in the void that is the internet. When I was growing up, dealing with the craziness at home, the internet is where I went to truly be me and express myself. I'm sorry I abandoned those who lifted me up in the first place, and I'm sorry I lost myself, thank you for lifting me again now, even when I was in my darkest moments of my life, I'll continue to try to better myself, and become someone I'm proud of, rather than feeling like a nobody. Sometimes I forget people actually look up to me, because I find myself becoming my own worst enemy when I get in my head to much. I've been away too long, I'm ready to get to know everyone again. Thank you all for reading. - Adam Dahlberg 2018 Nobodies are those always on the path to be somebody everyday. #Nobodies

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