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1.57M Vistas· 2018-06-19 Fecha de Publicación· 34.34K Gustos· 2.09K Comentarios

What would it be like if our eyes could see more colors? We may never be able to answer that, but we can build devices that can do the work for us. Over the last three weeks we've been building a DIY radio telescope tuned to 2.44 Ghz which is right in the middle of the wifi band. With it we hoped to take a picture of a building and see all the wifi routers inside it. This is the third part of the series and I'm pleased to announce the project was a complete success! If you haven't seen the first and second videos, I'd highly recommend watching those first. Part 1: Part 2: This week we mapped the inside of the hackerspace (Foulab) I've been working in and then stepped up to taking an image of the whole building. Not only were we able to see our router, we could see at least half a dozen others, and even one across a courtyard at least 100m away. The images were very large since they were full 360 degree panoramas, so too get a better view of them head over to my facebook page at the following link to see them at full size! Image 1 Inside the building: Image 2 Full building: Want to try and build one of these yourself? Here's a link to all the code needed to run a robot like this and turn all the captured data into an image: __________________________________________________________________ A special HUGE thank you to Foulab and especially Paul for making this project possible. Foulab: __________________________________________________________________ Some more resources Power meter GNU radio: DC offset fix (Didn't actually end up using this, but it's still useful): GNUradio: __________________________________________________________________ Patreon: Store: __________________________________________________________________ My Social Media Pages: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: __________________________________________________________________ As always, thanks to my awesome Patrons for helping to make these video possible. Special thanks to: -Anatoly Bazarov -Bill Russell -John De Witt -Terry Fuller -Anatoly Bazarov -Rauni -Ben Davis -Alexandre Guhur -Ben Krasnow -Michael Gregg -Daniel Henneberger -Paul Richmond -Jim Mussared -Pedro Blanc Arabe -Ryan Whited -kn0tsin -Morten Eriksen -BioQuisitive -Patryk Wycech -Al Dass -Larry -Michael Chatzidakis -Oliver -Justin Hendryx -orotusso -Alex Lemna -Cataract Bumblesnatch -Anita Fowler -Besenyeim -Narvurtar1324

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MrRolnicek7 comentarios en 7 videos
informationtolearn 117 comentarios en 7 videos
MrVipitis5 comentarios en 5 videos
Spirit5 comentarios en 5 videos
Ry P5 comentarios en 5 videos
edgeeffect4 comentarios en 4 videos
dontlikemath -.-4 comentarios en 2 videos
Rocky Robinson4 comentarios en 3 videos
NightHawkInLight4 comentarios en 4 videos
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