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Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf
Se unió a YouTube en: 2016-04-03Área: Estados Unidos  Idioma: Inglés 
Subscriptores Live Sub Count
Vistas Totales
34.94M  0.03%
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3.9K  -1.84%
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182,770th  (Top 1.75%)
Rango de país/área
34,928th  (Top 4.48%)
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10  (Mes reciente)
Est. Ingreso de compañero(mensual)
$ 3.05K-$ 9.43K
Est. Ingresos de potenciales
$ 92.91  (Cada Video)
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Recordatorio: Debido al Youtube solo muestra 3 cifras primeras de cantidad de seguidores, por eso la curva hay un poco cambio
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183.38K Vistas· 2019-05-29 Fecha de Publicación· 2.94K Gustos· 1.1K Comentarios

Dog Arguing With Owner After Jumping In Pool Tonka broke through the barrier that's blocking the pool then proceeded to Argue with me ❤️😊👍! Thank you SO much for Watching and Commenting :)! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE , LIKE SHARE & Click on the Notification BELL so you know when we put new videos up! You have to watch Tonka turn our kitchen window into a Drive Thru 😊! I think you will love this video of Tonka Stealing & Eating French Toast from the kitchen window😊🐺❤️❣ If you would like to help us with our *Snow* Road Trip to not sure where you can send a gift to when you give through YouTube they keep 40% If you prefer to use YouTube we Appreciate that too ❤️😊👍! If you want to send mail or a gift you can mail it to Tonka the Malamute PO Box 350732 Grand Island FL 32735 If you want to send Capone, Aunt Jen, Princess or Woo Something just add c/o and their name ❤️😊👍! To become a Patron Our Amazon Store Front❤️! Shop Amazon through here to help support The WaterWolves ❤️! To Purchase Tonka's Merchandise at #WaterWolf #teamtonka #teammonroe #tonka #malamute Designed By Boo Facebook Instagram Twitter Monroe The Husky Capone The Bully ChefBoyOh Tonka World Of Woo The Bluebay Shepherd & Princess Too Watch Tonka's 1st Unboxing Watch Tonka Get a Bath in a Storm If you are not receiving notifications you can click here to troubleshoot the issue

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