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1.05M Vistas· 2019-07-07 Fecha de Publicación· 15.95K Gustos· 1.67K Comentarios

5 Real Life Murders Caused by Television Shows Television shows are a part of pop culture. Some are controversial, others trashy, others worthy. But some shows can trigger different affects in people. And the 5 cases on this list are instances where it brought out the very worst sides of the people on the small screen. These are 5 Real Life Murders Caused by Television Shows. 5. The Jerry Springer Show - Ralph Panitz On July 24, 2000, The Jerry Springer Show broadcasted another one of its sometimes controversial episodes. It had been recorded three months prior and was titled, “Secret Mistresses Confronted.” on the show were Sarasota, Florida residents, Ralf and Eleanor Panitz. The couple invited Nancy Campbell-Panitz, Ralf’s ex-wife, and accused her of stalking them and making their lives as a difficult as possible. 4. The Voice - Kevin Loibl YouTube sensation and The Voice contestant, Christina Grimmie, had just finished an amazing performance at The Plaza Live, a popular venue in Orlando, Florida on June 11. 2016. The 22-year old excitedly joined her brother, Mark at their merchandise booth for her favorite part – meeting her fans. 3. My Sister Sam - Robert Bardo It was July 18, 1989, actress Rebecca Schaeffer was in her West Hollywood home, waiting urgently for a mail courier who was supposed to deliver a very important script to the actress. She had a big audition coming up - a chance to play Mary Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather part III. 2. To Catch A Predator - Louis Conradt, Jr. Appealing on the masses desire for crime and drama, To Catch A Predator was a recurring series on Dateline NBC. The show, hosted by Chris Hansen, was bent on trapping and luring potential sexual predators – those who would engage in underage sex or attempt to entice a minor. 1. The Jenny Jones Show - Jonathan Schmitz It was March 6, 1995 when Scott Amedure came in to tape an episode for The Jenny Jones Show. The show was known for its controversial topics and for this episode, they titled it “Same Sex Secret Crushes.” Although none of the guests were told this prior to going on stage.

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