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Channel Arbitrary
Se unió a YouTube en: 2016-02-15Área: Nepal  Idioma: Inglés 
Subscriptores Live Sub Count
Vistas Totales
128.31M  0.1%
Vistas Promedio
177.81K  -12.2%
Videos totales
Etiquetas de canal
Rango Global
32,754th  (Top 1%)
Rango de país/área
36th  (Top 1%)
Calificación de Nox
Videos publicados
10  (Mes reciente)
Est. Ingreso de compañero(mensual)
$ 25.55K-$ 51.31K
Est. Ingresos de potenciales
$ 1.24K  (Cada Video)
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30 dias
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Recordatorio: Debido al Youtube solo muestra 3 cifras primeras de cantidad de seguidores, por eso la curva hay un poco cambio
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1.09M Vistas· 2019-04-12 Fecha de Publicación· 9.19K Gustos· 335 Comentarios

Tuborg proudly announces Tuborg Open Sessions, a YouTube series featuring live studio-recorded performances by various artists, established and emerging. From old classics to current fan favorites to up and coming talents, the digital platform will welcome to share their creativity, collaborate with each other and experiment and mix various genres. Tuborg has a long and proud heritage with music, helping introduce new genres and artists to new markets. With Tuborg Open Sessions, the brand is hoping to set new trends in terms of musical collaboration in Nepal by breathing new life to old classics and paving a path for upcoming artists. With Channel Arbitrary, one of the top YouTube channels in Nepal for music (creator), Tuborg Open Sessions intends to fulfill what’s lacking in Nepalese music industry currently; a complete digital platform for artists and musicians to experiment, work together and gain new experiences and sharing them with others to see where it takes them, therefore, also creating opportunities for new artists. The series will have Nepali and other instruments to cater different artists and their musical genres. Music conducted and rearranged by Cobweb Strings: Bal Gopal Maharjan Robin Karki Dhali Manohar Sunam Keshav Sunam Bidur Gautam Mani Raj Rasaily CELLO : Nishad Shrestha SAXPHONE : Rojib Shahi SUPPORTING ARTIST Shailendra Shakya Sarthak Shakya Kiran Maharjan Simian Maharjan Tisa bajracharya Biphasa Bajracharya Ritika shakya BAND CREW Prashanna Bikram shah Samir Pachhai Chetri Editor : Roses Shrestha Assistant editor: Saugandha Dangol Graphics Design : Sandesh Shah Lights and Sound: ISS Stage: Vinayak Fabrication All Rights Reserved to Arbitrary Events Private Limited.

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