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Hey Guys! So this summer I have not treated my hair very well. I am cutting off my really bad split end and giving my hair a fresh start. I am also showing you how I silk press my natural hair. Cutting off my really bad split ends was very much needed and my hair loves me for it! Love Ya! 💖Tamika ***************************************** Sign up and get my free ebook. Why Your Hair Won't Grow and What You Can Do About It! : Check out my new vlog channel for fun, randomness and cruise videos. First video here: I Gained Too Much Weight On My Summer Cruise **************************************** 💞Subscribe for Hair, Beauty and 💋Makeup 💄for the Beginner and Beyond! ******************************************* Subscribe to Devin's Channel. He's a Gamer! Click Here to Subscribe to Tiara's Channel: ******************************** Products Used: RevAir Reverse Hair Dryer $30 off: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny: Conair Hair Shears: Carbon Comb: Cricket Detangler Comb: Detangler Brush: Chi Onyx Flatiron: Fhi 1/2 Flatiron: (didn't use in video but it's a fav 😉) ******************************** How to get the best blowout ever!: How to silk press natural hair and get salon results: How to trim your own hair: ******************************** Follow Me: 💖💄 Instagram: @SimplyTamika94 Facebook: @SimplyTamika94 Twitter: @SimplyTamika94 My salon website located in Douglasville GA: ******************************** Hey Guys! It is my mission to teach as many people as possible how to do things themselves. If you love hair, makeup and beauty and would love to learn how to do these things from a beginners point of view them come on in. I have plenty of tutorials for you where I break down hair, makeup and beauty step by step. Before you know it, you’ll be calling yourself a beauty guru! #verybadends #damagedendsonnaturalhair #cuttingbadsplitends

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