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100.95K Vistas· 2018-10-11 Fecha de Publicación· 4.62K Gustos· 1.93K Comentarios

This first episode is trash. Despite the provoking title and sarcastic delivery, I honestly DO believe that all of this has been blown way out of proportion. Especially when there are BIGGER things to worry about in this first episode. But my argument right here talks about "scenes like that" in media in general and how a piece of media is automatically villified for including it. Some of the arguments that has currently been made are flawed. Some weaves a nonsensical narrative that tries to project that Goblin Slayer tries to be more profound than it actually is, some act like "scenes like that" should never be included in media entirely, and some are saying "scenes like that" are good which is crazy... But I'm playing devil's advocate here. It's none of my business. I'm here to mess around. Enjoy my tired rant. ►To see episodes early, behind the scenes and more, support the Patreon | ►BAG SOME MERCH | Thanks to my patrons - HOLY IKARUGA Ali Al Solial Paddy The Imperator guyshi412 Nep Nep's Underlings The NinjaPir8 Top Ballerz Jacob Incubus Fresh Boiiz Jezz is Cheese, John Bai, Matthew Koenig, MightyElosan, Chase P., Jonathan Demoisey, The Anime Collector, DigitalBladedJay, Scrublords Tony Amaya, SilverLineDC Noel Tier Andrew B., Azure Shaw, Brandon Gregg, Luke Noonan (GamecubeDude), Reece Rooney, Billy12510, Matthew Balogun, DMadHacks, Emily Insomniac, Ian Blasco, JT Tom, Viet Dom, Justin Buckner, Ezekiel0471, Stephen Perron, Zarese, Sean M, Michael Krause, Based Imouto, Josh Wells, Justin Buckner, Ezekiel0471, Stephen Perron, Sean M, Shaquille Brown, Midnight Sonata, Jamil Lyons, Josh Clark, sorray ▼▼SOCIAL LINK, GO!▼▼ My Patreon ► Merch ► Tipsy Twits Podcast ► My Twitter ► My Facebook Page ► My Twitch ► REVEL HOUSE into/ outro song - Feel So Good by Mase If you enjoyed the video or cracked a smile please leave a LIKE and/or comment, maybe even SUBSCRIBE. Don't forget to share it with your friends, because sharing is caring!

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