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  • TheJackSilkstone
    • 14.5K Suscripciones
    • 2.55MPuntos de vista
    • 3072.2%Vistas/Subs
    • 14.0%Tasa de Reacción
    • 238Videos

    Hey, I'm Jack Silkstone, a 19 year old Theme Park Vlogger from the UK! Join me as I travel across the UK and Europe experiencing the very best theme parks, attractions and scare events that are on offer. Filming my on ride point of views and initial reactions to everything that I experience! As well as vlogs I also upload regular informative videos and construction updates for new and exciting theme park developments happening within the UK! Although I like to cover a lot of Theme Parks, most videos on this channel are based around Thorpe Park, which is my favourite UK Theme Park! If any of the of the above sounds appealing to you then be sure to check out my videos and be sure to subscribe to be notified when I upload new ones! Thanks a lot, hope you enjoy the channel! ------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter/ Instagram/ Snapchat: J_Silkstone Contact me: ***

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    $ 274.43
  • ScareTOUR Videos
    ScareTOUR Videos
    • 394 Suscripciones
    • 149.24KPuntos de vista
    • 5108.9%Vistas/Subs
    • 4%Tasa de Reacción
    • 125Videos

    ScareTOUR is the UK's biggest scare attraction review site. We have been visiting scare attractions for over 20 years and always promise to bring you our honest reviews and news of all scare events - ALL year round!

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    $ 3.64
  • Wolfykinz Whisper
    Wolfykinz Whisper
    • 18.3K Suscripciones
    • 3.04MPuntos de vista
    • 1161.7%Vistas/Subs
    • 35%Tasa de Reacción
    • 168Videos

    Hey there, I'm a wolf girl ASMRtist who’s an aspiring voice actress and writer. Welcome to my Channel! I mostly make a lot of wolf girl videos and romantic wolf girlfriend roleplays, but I also do other different types of animal-human hybrids and my genre of roleplays vary from horror to fantasy to romance. I focus a lot on story telling and guiding you to a deep relaxation and inner peace with lots of positive affirmations and headpats! (ˊᵕ ˋ) ♡ I love to share my passion for wolves and help save them and teach others that they are very beautiful and majestic creatures and not some scary monster! Please join the wolf pack and enjoy yourself ♡ My channel is NOT intended for children! 🌸What is ASMR🌸 ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's a form of art to help the viewer experience tingles, relaxation, stress and anxiety relief and reducing depression. It can also enhance your focus and overall mental health. It's a beautiful and wonderful thing to experience.

    Est.Ingresos de potenciales
    $ 54.35
  • Buddy Mercury
    Buddy Mercury
    • 72.8K Suscripciones
    • 14.83MPuntos de vista
    • 2790.1%Vistas/Subs
    • 51%Tasa de Reacción
    • 93Videos

    This is the Official Buddy Mercury YouTube Channel. Thank you for watching! Visit for official gear, my blog, newsletter and to learn more about me! Buddy Mercury is a rescue dog who became famous after being caught on video playing the piano and howling along. His viral videos have brought happiness and laughter around the world! Budsters crave one thing - more Buddy Mercury music! Mercury's original songs and covers have been featured by Google, Inside Edition, ABC, FOX, NBC, People Magazine, America's Funniest Videos, ESPN, the Z100 morning show and many, many more! Buddy Mercury donates a percentage of every purchase directly to shelters that help save animals! This dog's mission is simple - bringing joy, laughter and pawsitivity to the world through the love of music, and helping more furry friends to be rescued. Why shop, when you can adopt? Mercury has a dream to be featured on ELLEN or JIMMY FALLON!

    Est.Ingresos de potenciales
    $ 545.91
  • Big Talk With Bruce Dickey
    Big Talk With Bruce Dickey
    • 246 Suscripciones
    • 21.93KPuntos de vista
    • 397.1%Vistas/Subs
    • 8%Tasa de Reacción
    • 379Videos

    Est.Ingresos de potenciales
    $ 0.29
  • Time For Adventure
    Time For Adventure
    • 178 Suscripciones
    • 16.99KPuntos de vista
    • 8697.8%Vistas/Subs
    • 65%Tasa de Reacción
    • 31Videos

    Welcome to Time For Adventure, We are the Higson Family, Andy, Allie George and Charlie and we look forward to sharing our trips and days out with you. As a family we love heading out for the day with a particular love for Theme Parks and we have some exciting trips planned throughout 2019. We are new to creating videos and this channel is to be a fun project for us as a family, if you like what we are doing please let us know, a like and a subscribe would be fantastic and if you are interested in more information on where we have been or what it was like, please just interact with us in the comments, wed love to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to view our channel, we hope you find the videos interesting and at some times informative and we look forward to an adventurous 2019!

    Est.Ingresos de potenciales
    $ 6.05
  • Dean the Basset
    Dean the Basset
    • 16.9K Suscripciones
    • 4.2MPuntos de vista
    • 2150.2%Vistas/Subs
    • 21%Tasa de Reacción
    • 164Videos

    born february 2014, living in toronto, canada. follow the floppy adventures of dean!

    Est.Ingresos de potenciales
    $ 282.1
  • WerewolfMay
    • -- Suscripciones
    • 2.3KPuntos de vista
    • 4189.1%Vistas/Subs
    • 31%Tasa de Reacción
    • 8Videos

    I’m just a normal everyday werewolf girl that wants to pursue a career in art and animation. I may not have much to offer, but hey, at least I’m doing what I do best. Here you will find speedpaints, animations and whatever else I have to offer ;P

    Est.Ingresos de potenciales
    $ 1.89
  • OurThemeParkLife
    • 1.44K Suscripciones
    • 523.55KPuntos de vista
    • 724.0%Vistas/Subs
    • 8%Tasa de Reacción
    • 249Videos

    Join us as we travel around the world stopping at different resorts and visiting theme parks. We will have POV Weekly episodes released every Saturday when we will share with you our favourite rides from around the globe. We will also show you some of the places we stop in as well as how we get there. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoy visiting these places

    Est.Ingresos de potenciales
    $ 6.75
  • beingmommywithstyle
    • 51.9K Suscripciones
    • 25.19MPuntos de vista
    • 77.5%Vistas/Subs
    • 21%Tasa de Reacción
    • 2,206Videos

    Being Mommy with Style is all about Life + Style for busy moms! Diana is a blogger and vlogger currently located in Huntsville, Alabama. Diana started out on YouTube as a handbag reviewer over 7 years ago, & since then both she - and YouTube - have evolved! As a lifestyle vlogger & blogger, she loves sharing joyful things and events! She is a mom of two girls and wife of an engineer! Join the Style family for day in the life vlogs, home decor, organization, & travel! Affiliate links - My Amazon Shopping list: Shop at Erin Condren: ♥♥ ♥♥\*** IG @beingmommywithstyle Pinterest/Twitter @beingmommystyle Bags4Bubbles - Moms with Mouse Ears - -------------------------------- Diana - Being Mommy with Style PO Box 22394 Huntsville, AL 35814

    Est.Ingresos de potenciales
    $ 34.83
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