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Everyday Items That Changed Dramatically Over Time
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bright side brightside secrets of everyday things history of everyday things who invented this things you never knew who invented the alarm clock who invented the toothbrush vintage hair dryer stone instead of toilet paper first flush toilet the history of kettle who invented the toaster world's first mobile phone the first Motorola the first electric iron the history of photography eyeglasses history who invented eyeglasses the first vacuum cleaner
Can you count how many technical gadgets you use during your day? It's hard to imagine our lives without them today, but have you ever thought about their history? Levi Hutchins invented the first alarm clock in 1787, but his device could only ring at 4 a.m. Still, it was a good replacement for roosters who used to do that job. And how about using a stone instead of toilet paper? In ancient times, people chose various materials to clean up, including leaves, grass, animal furs, water, seashells, and even stones. Let's take a trip down the history lane to look at more things that have gone a long way.


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