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I want a baby prank~(GOT FIGURED OUT!?)||gacha life
•Gacha Cookie823•
•Gacha Cookie823• 19.7K Suscriptores 33 Videos 2.19M Vistas totales 2020-07-13 PublicadoDatos actualizados en 2022-01-30
Vistas totales388.29K
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Screenshots taken: 210

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My phone 📱

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Thumbnail: •Gacha Cookie823•
Video: •Gacha Cookie823•

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Gacha life(for the characters)
KineMaster(for editing..)
Cute cut(for some other editing..)
Background eraser(to edit..)

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Gacha life(again..)
Background eraser..?

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Wow, you’ve read the whole description!? You deserve a cookie! Here you go! qwq: 🍪