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As a trio, we tried out the new Official Facepunch map, Gravis Island. It's like the familiar Hapis Island where nothing is procedurally generated and everything is custom-made. I definitely didn't expect to accomplish what we did in this video, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Headphones - Hyper X Alpha Cloud
Mouse - Razer Viper Ultimate (Blooprint themed)
Pad - HyperX Fury (XL)
Keyboard - Corsair K70 MK.2 RGB (Cherry Red Switches)
Mic - Rode Procaster w/ BAI-2N Two-Section Broadcast Arm Stand
Monitor (main) - Samsung Odyssey G7 240Hz (2560x1440)
Monitor (secondary) - Samsung Odyssey G5 144Hz (2560x1440) [x2]
Capture Card - Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2
Stream Deck - Elgato Mini
Sound Mixer - TC Helicon GoXLR
Gaming PC 'Moonstone':
CPU ⇨ i9-9900K
CPU Cooler ⇨ Corsair H150i
GPU ⇨ EVGA RTX 2080 Ti
RAM ⇨ GSkill 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 RGB
Motherboard ⇨ MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon
PSU ⇨ Corsair RM850 ATX12V
SSD ⇨ Samsung 500GB 970 Evo Plus
HDD ⇨ WD Blue 2TB 5400 RPM
Case ⇨ Corsair 500D SE

I just partnered up with IronsidePC. A video will be coming out in the future to showcase a custom Blooprint PC they're building for me right now. The specs you see above is not the sponsored PC. For now though, use this link to check them out!
Code "blooprint" for 5% off any purchase:
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Outro - Matt Stovall (
1. Sunday Bloom - Molife

2. Meander - Jobii

3. Carats - A P O L L O

4. I Need This - Frook

5. Resting Quality - Brookii

6. Oak City - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

7. Hoover Dam - Bonnie Grace

8. Harry's Dream - Harry Edvino

9. Final Target in Sight - Trailer Worx

10. She Sways - Von Meyer

11. All Parts Equal - Airae

12. Draco - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

13. The Escape Plan Activated - Grant Newman

14. Azoic - Max Anson

15. I Know Karate - Ash Nino

16. Wildfires - Jones Meadow

17. Nerve - Dream Cave

18. Permanent Record - Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

19. Stop Wasting My Time - Matt Large

20. Into the Maze - Jean Leonti

21. Needle in a Haystack - Trailer Worx

22. The Juggler - [email protected]

23. Let It All Go - Rospigg

24. Different Ways - Merlean

25. Through The Static - Keppel Skies

26. Snake Plant - jobii

Outro Song ⇨ chryst - 1k

All background music is provided by Epidemic Sound ⇨
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