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كليب أغنية جنى شو هالفوضى ( بدون إيقاع ) - أداء و غناء زينب و جنى
Hussein and Zeinab.
Hussein and Zeinab. 1.79M Suscriptores 181 Videos 882.17M Vistas totales 2021-04-21 PublicadoDatos actualizados en 2021-10-27
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كليب أغنية جنى شو هالفوضة الفوضة كليب أغنية جنى شو هالفوضة جنى شو هالفوضة أغنية جنى شو هالفوضة زينب أغاني أطفال زينب و جنى حسين و زينب clip song jana what a mess what a mess jana what a mess kids song no drums jana and zeinab hussein and zeinab بدون إيقاع
Clip Jana what a mess ! ( no drums )
Zeinab and Jana

كليب أغنية جنى شو هالفوضى ؟! ( بدون إيقاع )
أداء و غناء زينب و جنى

كلمات و ألحان: زهرة حدرج
توزيع و هندسة صوتية: حسين جابر
تصوير/ مونتاج/ إخراج: زهرة حدرج

This song is about the lazy sister that exists in every house, that makes a mess all the time whatever she is doing, and all what they care about is just playing, eating and having some fun without even noticing what kind of mess they leave behind them; which is casted by Jana the little spoiled sister. On the other hand there is the wise sister which is casted by Zeinab, that comes into her little sister's room and gets shocked after seing all the mess that exists, so she starts telling Jana to start cleaning all this mess bacause she ( Zeinab ) is always the one who cleans after her sister and the one that gets blamed from her mother of not cleaning. But after that Jana listens to Zeinab and apologizes to her of this mess and promises her that she won't be doing that again.

الأخوة حسين و زينب يغنون، ينشدون و يعملون تحديات وسكتشات رحلات.
هذه القناة لكل الأعمار.

أهلا و سهلا بكم في قناتنا.

Hussein and Zeinab, brother and sister, who sing and do funny things and interested activities.
Hussein and Zeinab's channel is for all ages.
Welcome to our channel.

لا تنسو السبسكرايب لقناتنا و تفعيل الجرس حتى يصلكم كل جديد

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