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BARCELONA 2021! ✈️
Kinging- It
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Overcoming FLIGHT ANXIETY .. on our first flight in over 2 years - did she make it?!
Head to for a free trial, and when you’re ready to launch, go to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.

After having struggled with flight anxiety for over 5 years, last week I finally saw a counsellor to help with the problem. He advised me as soon as we'd had the session, to fly as soon as possible and put all of the techniques he had taught me into practise.
Flights to Barcelona were super cheap so we booked them and headed off the next morning.
In this week's episode, Aimee battles her anxiety as we fly to the beautiful city of Barcelona. We're SO excited to be back on the road, even if it is only for 11 days. We will be soaking up the sun and experiencing some of the best things Barcelona has to offer! Spain, here we come!

➡️👫 A bit about US-
We are Craig and Aimee, from South Wales, UK. After Aimee was diagnosed with Cancer at 18 and Craig broke his neck shortly after by a freak accident, we decided life really is too short. Watch our story here -

After leaving for an around the world trip in 2014 - we caught the #travel bug. And have uploaded a weekly #travelvlog ever since.
And we love to give ourselves travel challenges and attempt things the normal folk wouldn’t dream of. Throw us into some mad country with an even madder vehicle and you’ll find us having the best time possible. Our mantra is Rule Your Own World - we only get one life and it’s YOURS to chose how to live it - make it count.

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