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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY - anorexia recovery
Freya May Williams
Freya May Williams 2.21K Suscriptores 0 Videos 0 Vistas totales 2020-07-26 PublicadoDatos actualizados en --
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Heya you beautiful people and welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another what i eat in a day!
First of all i just want to say a huge thank you for all of the love and support on my recent video - it means the absolute world to me and i am so overwhelmed by how lovely you have all been. it really goes to show that there is so much more good in the world then bad. I love you to the ends of the earth and back.
Secondly i want to add that this is the way i eat by my meal plan set my by dietician. this is for MY individual recovery and should in no way determine what you eat or the way that you eat. Upon saying that i do hope that videos like these may help to give you ideas on new food combos and fun ideas you may want to try. Please do not compare what you eat to what i eat as every single one of us is different and our bodies all need different amounts and different types of foods. Before making any significant changes to your diet please seek professional advice.
Thank you again for your endless support,
Always and forever,
Freya xoxo