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WANNA ONE | Reasons Why They Are Worth Your Fangirl Screams
케이팝프 28.6K Suscriptores 16 Videos 10M Vistas totales 2017-09-10 PublicadoDatos actualizados en --
Vistas totales2.31K
Me gusta 2.85%
Número de comentarios7
Grado de visualización 8.1%
Valor estimado $ 36 - $ 46
Índice de interacción 5.86%
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wanna one cute dorky moment playful kpopper funny wannaone bae jinyoung lee daehwi yoon jisung lai guanlin park woojin kang daniel park jihoon ong seongwoo ha sungwoon hwang minhyun kim jaehwan
Here's my next project to celebrate first 1M view on my previous BTS project and also my first 10K subscribers!

Thank you everyone for the support and I'll continue to make great videos worthy of your likes, shares and subscribes!

Wanna One is my new stan and I hope this project will let you discover their cute, playful and dorky side!

Disclaimer: All the vids does not belong to me and only some subs are from me, some are not.