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ASMR | Professional Artist Draws On Me!! | ft. ArtbyNips 🖤
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gibi gibi asmr asmr artbynips ohnips josuke jojos anime drawing bic tracing relax relaxing for sleep inkbox
Check out Nips' video where I draw on her! Beware this is not ASMR lol:
BACK N BETTER THAN EVER -- this is a sequel to when we tried out InkBox's henna-type temporary tat style, it was really hard.... cue these Bic Tattoo Markers (not sponsored lolol) AND CUE THE BEST TEMPORARY TATTOO I HAVE EVER HAD AND WILL EVER HAVE ;-;;;;;

Nips' Channel:
Nips' Twitter (18+):
Nips' Instagram (18+):
Nips' Comic (18+)!!:

read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure :)

Our first ASMR tattoo vid:
Our other tattoo vid that is NOT ASMR:

Ok I think thats it c:
this was so much fun
nips said she was nervous 😭 😭 😭

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