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FAMiLY POOL PARTY!! Adley & Niko Water Slide on inflatable Animals! Swimming in new AforAdley merch
A for Adley - Learning & Fun
A for Adley - Learning & Fun 3.5M Suscriptores 493 Videos 4.41B Vistas totales 2021-07-26 PublicadoDatos actualizados en 2021-09-25
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🏝️Summer Fun in our new Swimsuits & Floaties that we made for ALL OF YOU!!
we love them and hope you do too🦖


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today was a such a hot day out, so me and my family decided to spend the whole day in the pool!! We got all our pool gear out to have the ultimate pool party! Dad lined up all of the floaties that we had across the entire pool for me and Nike to use as an Obby (obstacle course)! The obby started with a giant slice of pizza, then on to a huge rollerskate, next we had to go across the turtle of terror, and it all ended when you sat on the giant angry chicken! After we swam around for a while we decide to take a break and eat some snacks!! While we were eating snacks me and dad practiced out new secret handshake!! When we got back into the swimming pool we tried out my new Adley snorkie which let me talk and explore underwater! Then we tried going down a the waterslide onto floaties and trying to keep our balance.. my favorite thing to do was slide down onto the pizza and pretend I was a big pepperoni! I had such a fun time swimming with my family today!

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New Adley Merch at: OR

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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