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🔴 ASMR LIVE // Stories, Songs & Chats ✨ The Graceful Corner Dream Stream ✨
Accidentally Graceful ASMR
Accidentally Graceful ASMR 179K Suscriptores 167 Videos 28.5M Vistas totales 2021-05-28 PublicadoDatos actualizados en 2021-12-02
Vistas totales8.87K
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Let's hang out! Enjoy LIVE ASMR and general merriment.
Intro & transition music called "What Did I Miss", created by the talented Lee Rosevere:

// Find Me Elsewhere //

// A Bit About Me //
I’m accidentallygraceful because my middle name is Grace, by happy accident. :P
I've been making ASMR videos since 2012; I enjoy relaxing and helping others relax, nature, parks and I adore sunsets… also The Office.

// Virtual Tip Jar //
Unless otherwise noted, I film and edit each video I share with you, and I truly enjoy creating these videos. That said, I have a family and full-time job so I make videos during my spare time. If you enjoy them, please consider leaving a small donation through the above link. All donations through this platform are used towards the AGL channel (or for coffee), and of course any and all donations are deeply appreciated.

// Stay Well //
We are all facing some really challenging times right now. If you feel like you’re having a harder time than you can manage, please talk to someone. I’ve been there, and it can really help. Please know that you are stronger than you think.

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