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Nu Meditation Music
Se unió a YouTube en: 2014-10-01Área: Portugal  Idioma: Inglés 
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308.98M  0.11%
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269.04K  2.23%
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10,162nd  (Top 1%)
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10th  (Top 1%)
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5  (Mes reciente)
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$ 56.83K-$ 114.12K
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$ 786.74  (Cada Video)
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2.97M Vistas· 2018-10-04 Fecha de Publicación· 20.7K Gustos· 1.13K Comentarios

The Native American Flute can transport one to a more relaxed and calm state, especially after listening for 10 minutes or more. This feeling is known as the ‘alpha’ state, a state during which your brain is pulsing at a lower rate than your mental and emotional fluctuations. (Price, Creating and Using the Native American Love Flute, 1994). One of the most impactful ways to develop this alpha state, is by focusing on the breath. During our daily activities this can be a challenge, as due to our busy lives, our minds end up operating mostly in the ‘beta’ state. In this state, your conscious mind is dominant and your subconscious mind can’t break through to help you out, as it can when you are asleep. So, people who are able and trained to maintain a prolonged alpha state can deal with life much more effectively than people who are usually in beta (Price, Creating and Using the Native American Love Flute, 1994). In this way, native flute can lead you to develop more coordination, intuition, and intelligence. One of the main reasons for this is because listening to the flute encourages one to sit and ‘be with the breath’. Watch one of our favorite videos: Listen to our relaxing music selection: SUBSCRIBE! NEW VIDEOS COMING SOON NUMEDITATIONMUSIC youtube channel Music by NuMeditationMusic Available on every streaming service worldwide #numeditationmusic #nativeamericanmusic #sleepmusic

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Nu Meditation Music14 comentarios en 14 videos
MICHELLE 77va10 comentarios en 7 videos
Bronson lkm8 comentarios en 8 videos
Roslynn Mckoy5 comentarios en 4 videos
Leonir Dalalba5 comentarios en 5 videos
Jason Dozier5 comentarios en 4 videos
Alex Perales5 comentarios en 1 videos
Obie Da Shinobi5 comentarios en 5 videos
BK Swanson5 comentarios en 5 videos
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Meditative Mind
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PowerThoughts Meditation Club
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Área: Estados Unidos Subscriptores:33.5M
4%Tasa de superposición
Music for body and spirit - Meditation music
Music for body and spirit - Meditation music
Área: Italia Subscriptores:926K
3.5%Tasa de superposición
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