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kaché byrd
kaché byrd Making an imprint on Motherhood • Wife & Mother of SIX • 3 + Triplets • Faith • Family • Love 🎥YouTube: This Byrds Nest WATCH OUR LATEST VLOG:
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• Happy Sonday! I'm taking all of #boymoms on a coffee date for #nationalcoffeeday... because I promise we could use a nice cup of Joe with a double shot! I'm sure a few of my favorite lines with these boys are:
"Please don't jump off that!"
"Please climb down!"
"You're going to break your neck!"
"Oh... no no no, don't throw the rocks!"
"Hold it, you have to aim!"
... they keep a Mama on edge!
#KasenAnthony #CorbinBlake✨#ByrdSundayPhoto
• [AD] I turned my tassel and received my Bachelors of Science degree while expecting our first born. We were newly weds, fresh out of college, student loans through the roof and ready to soar! We weren’t handed a lump sum of inheritance cash, to kick off our future, we just knew, we would be starting a solid foundation for our family’s financial security. Five months pregnant, we decided to stop throwing out $750 in rent and lived in a hotel for one month while we closed on our first home. I was 22, the house seemed HUGE, so much I would hate being home alone. Not anymore, it quickly filled with these tiny feet filling every space!

Once we decided early on, our family was #WorthSavingFor, we set out a plan, went after it and have had our share of learning aches along the way. You can start saving with @Greendotbank, which uses its own money to help you save-up for the future by paying you a 3% cash back bonus on qualifying purchases made online or using an app. That 3% adds up! Click the link in my Bio for more details about the Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account by Green Dot!
• YAAYYYY!! We've made it through another full week! Idk about you, but our weekdays can be looonnggg! & I found a new way to turn heads, spark conversation and catch a few stares: our @wonderfoldwagon! Most days I wish I had a secret cam to at least pick up and share the commentary! It gets quite interesting, but I love a good conversation with lovely passerby's!

What are your weekend plans?! I hope Netflix + Chill with a bit of selfcare! I'll definitely be putting that on the calendar once we make it through Sunday! #RideBigorStayHome✨
MARY ⚡️ | outfits + beauty
MARY ⚡️ | outfits + beauty dtx | htx ✨ be unique ✉️ email for collabs youtube☟
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🌸 Giveaway time! 🌸


Are you ready to get your glow on during quarantine? 
Enter to win this assortment of Pixi skincare + makeup goodies to help you feel your absolute best ✨They’re one of my all-time favorite brands and I hope this can cheer someone up during these crazy times :)
To Enter:

1 // Follow @maryworewhat 
2 // Like & SAVE this post 
3 // Tag 2 friends - the more you tag, the more entries!

Bonuses 💫
1 // Share this to ur stories + tag me so I see it [+10 entries]
2 // Subscribe to my Youtube Channel (link in bio - new video coming this week!) [+5 entries]
3 // Follow me on (@maryworewhat) [+5 entries]

Included in prize:
- Vitamin C Lotion
- Vitamin C Juice Cleanser
- On the Glow Stick
- Lip Glow Icing
- Heart Defense Palette
- Radiance Powder
- Eye Brush set with case
($150 value 💸)
[unfollowers will be disqualified from future giveaways]
My favorite set I’ve ever owned 🕊
thank you @secchic_official for blessing me with it ✨
pretty sunsets ahead 🌅 hope everyone is having a great Thursday!
[photo by me. only reposts with proper tags and credit will be tolerated]
ChelseaLifts Healing my mind, immune system, & body. Exploring ALL aspects of fitness & sharing my journey 🏋🏽‍♀️Creator of
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What is the most impactful habit or thing you’ve come across that you were extremely skeptical about until giving it an honest shot?  For me without a doubt it’s been 🧘🏼‍♀️ MEDITATION. 
It’s a consistent addition to my morning routine now!  If you haven’t seen my first ever morning routine video yet, link is in my bio 👉🏼@ChelseaLifts
Sometimes a little bit of nature and a little bit of laughter is all you need. 🙏🏼❤️
Trying to be more selective about what you put in your skin while not wanting to smell like one of those “dirty hippies”!? Well I have found the solution after some serious trial and error 👀

Many of the things I tried hardly made a difference against wearing nothing at all. I tried a particular very popular aluminum-free deodorant but not only did it not work, it made my ARMPITS PEEL!! It was bizarre to have such a bad reaction to something that didn’t even seem to be strong enough to mask a little sweat. 
After that flop, I tried @native_cos which is aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and talc free.  It worked and it worked WELL so this is my permanent, healthier switch. My favorite scent gets me through every sort of workout smelling like strawberry rhubarb 🍓 and it lasts a long time too. 
I made friends with @native_cos and got you guys a discount code if you want to make a healthy switch over and get dat aluminum off your pots!! Use “ChelseaLifts10” to get 10% off. If you’ve been disappointed by other aluminum free deodorants I really recommend giving Native a shot. 
#GoNative #Ad #NoMorePitStank
blanca 🐤 : bluntcacaa ; 👻: blancacaa 🌱
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#Lolla2019 #Lollapalooza
my skin was clear af a few days ago 😪
Anthony Bartoloni
Anthony Bartoloni 🧢🕶👕👖👟🍔☕️🍺
46.63K 564 2,054
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MAE LUTZ 🏠ATL 💅🏼Fitness with a little glam 💍Married 🚴🏻Flywheel Instructor 💌***
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I’m so pumped about Halloween this year! I haven’t been off work to pass out candy for years so I’m ready with my candy and to see the cutie kids in their costumes! Ahh! Do you pass out candy where you live?
This last minute wedding DIY was so easy! It was a huge hit in the photobooth and they even got brought on to the dance floor!

- take a WELL LIT photo of your subject (we took the photo with a dslr with studio lights and backdrop but I don’t think that’s necessary if you use sunlight and an iPhone)
- @fedex poster print (matte)
- foam core board (I recommend buying the closest color to your dog)
- thick wooden craft sticks
- white duct tape to attach craft sticks
- x-acto knife and cutting mat to cut out your subject
- spray adhesive
Best night of my life!!!
The Modest Man | Men's Style
The Modest Man | Men's Style Brock McGoff (5'6") ✗ Not a GQ insider ✗ Not a box ambassador → Practical, in-depth style advice ⬇️ Celeb Style Breakdown ⬇️
23.16K 425 470
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Full Time World Traveler
Full Time World Traveler 🇳🇱 Dutchie traveling continuously since 2012 (2550 days) 🌍 105 countries 📍 Cabo Verde 🇨🇻 🔜 Gambia 🇬🇲, Senegal 🇸🇳 👇🏻 My 360K monthly travel blog👇🏻
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The hidden gems of Pakistan: they have their own Great Wall! I bet a lot of Pakistanis have never even been here... so Im grateful I got to see it! 🙌🏻 Must admit though I had to get up at 4:45am and had to drive for hours to finally reach the Great Wall of Sindh, better known as the Ranikot Fort. In fact this actually is the biggest fort in the world with a circumference of 32 kilometers (20 miles)! Nope I didn’t walk all around it, but did run on it for a bit, see my stories of today! Damn it was hard and hot I can tell you.

Inside the Ranikot Fort there are 4 smaller forts and we visited only one that day because after a delicious biryani along the way we only got back to Karachi 19 hours later. Visiting the Ranikot Fort was totally worth the effort and big thanks to the guys from @roverpakistan for showing us the beauty of Pakistan off the beaten path! #sindh #ranikotfort
So many cool and photogenic places in Lahore I bet in the next years it becomes an Instagram hotspot! Changing perceptions was the goal of the #CPICPaktour organized by @zee and @cpicglobal and I have a feeling it is working and people starting to put Pakistan on their list as a tourist destination! Am I right? 🤗
Exactly 7 years and 1 day ago I started this trip around the world. Yesterday I completely forgot about this milestone! 🤣

Well it doesn’t really matter what day it is as long as the adventures keep on coming! And I can tell you today was a day I won’t quickly forget! I bet when I ever now have to tell a story about a crazy travel experience it will be of today (day 2558). I did something crazy/stupid and I would never recommend anyone to go extremely local like I did without knowing what I was up to... Well I made it out alive, I still have all my stuff safe and secure and Im now swinging in a hammock! End good, all good... soon on my stories! #westafrica 
However this is still a throwback to my awesome time in Pakistan at the Jahangir Tomb close to Lahore. Being grateful I was able to climb the minaret of this mausoleum for absolutely fabulous views of the surroundings thanks to @zee and @cpicglobal!
Nicole Carlson
Nicole Carlson Blogger | Wifey | Scottsdale AZ *** 💌 Shop my looks 👇🏼
135.11K 947 2,174
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Postin’ another pic in this swimsuit to let the haters talk 😏 jk I actually just really love this swimsuit 🤣 but also happy exactly how God made me!!! He made us all perfectly, and let’s not let societies unrealistic standards get in the way. 🙌🏼⁣
My skin has been GLOWING (thank you @marieskincare )✨. Went in to do our usual dermaplaning, extractions, and microneedling! We were doing IPL laser treatments to get rid of my redness, but now it is completely gone so back to our regular microneedling treatments!! Answering some common questions below that I’ve gotten as well! ⁣
Dermaplaning 🧖🏽‍♀️: the hair DOES NOT grow back thicker. It helps exfoliate & gets off the peach fuzz! You are not red after! ⁣
Microneedling 💉: does not hurt you are numbed! You are red for the rest of the day, but then the redness goes away! ⁣
Linking this suit & dupes for this suit on my and on my link in bio! 🙌🏼 #liketkit
Off to Sedona for the day with Brandon’s fam 🌵🚙✨ leave any recs below please! 🤪 Also brand new video on my YouTube is live! Showing a little revolve haul!! 🎥 Link in stories 🙌🏼. ⁣
Showing y’all the before & after on this photo using @nicolecarlsonpresets 💕 I use them for all of my photos, and when you purchase them there is 7 so that you have different options to fit perfectly for any lighting/scenario!! ⁣
Linking this outfit on my and link in bio!! 🥰 #liketkit #LTKunder100 #LTKhome
Hello Friday!! ☀️ Well me and Brandon signed on an apartment yesterday so I guess we are moving 🤷🏽‍♀️. I mean about 3 streets over so not much 🤣. I’m excited, but change is also hard for me with all the memories we’ve made in our little spot here 🥺🏡. Anyone else have a hard time moving?! Or with change in general?! Just me?? 🧐🤣 ⁣
Linking this look on my happy Friday everyone! #liketkit #LTKswim #LTKtravel
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