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Se unió a YouTube en: 2019-05-27Área: Finlandia  Idioma: Finlandés 
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342 Vistas· 2019-09-25 Fecha de Publicación· 16 Gustos· 25 Comentarios

Not a diss, just a sick song. Instrumental: Lyrics Rob you call yourself the Illist but you’re not shut the fuck up that all you got seriously is that what you think is gonna get me to stop you know what better listen up I wanna start by saying this is not a diss but that doesn’t mean I’m not supplying hits you think if you say you’re not the illist I just call it quits gotta do better than that if you wanna get to me bitch I got skin thicker than a rhino you a snowflake in winter I know I bathe in venom I’m a psycho shove it up your rectum not a typo I’ll burn this shit down like a pyro y’all got nothing on me this the next r I p a warning to y’all tryna harm me you will not come close to succeed you ain’t shit you can’t even compete I’ll body this beat and bring you to your knees now all you dudes listen up you gonna think twice about dissing us I work hard for this shit I’m not giving up I do what I want I don’t give a fuck you can say what you want to say I’ll just get on the mic and spray I got shots for days the way I get on the verse murder the words with no praise you bring nothing to the table I bring the beef the roasts the streams the most y’all just a fable who is unable to set fire me I’m the lighter pushed passed the boiling point the igniter going after my deepest desire Lucifer raising the hell fire set up your rifles and snipers we will be rivals and writers battling your idols and fighters cause you’ve been warned on the ill shot and I won’t drop til the pills stop I’m charged up like ten volts to my temple you and me we’re not on the same level call me a nomad cause I never settle you don’t want to start shit I’m a toxic atomic comic you are not in the discussion or topic no body too big no body too small I’ll take you all 100% go hard I’ll aim for your heart I’ll put you down with my art who can take anyone out with their bars the conjunction of I will get rid of the apostrophe and I’m ill y’all aren’t my worst enemy the doctors want to make a dead of me you won’t believe the shit you see like ketamine go against me it will end terribly look at my kill count think I won’t kill again I’m still bound just taking some time off for real now when I come back I’ll feel crowned y’all ain’t ready for Rap As a Weapon oh wait did I mention yeah I got a new album coming that got your attention and I’m ready for any objection meet the back of my hand I packed but I never ran I stick to the plan get to the top and body any man who thinks he can stop me but you can’t pop me I know you can’t top me and sure as hell cant drop me how many people I got to rip in half til you stop calling me bad honestly you making me laugh with your shitty digs thinking you all smart with your “witty diss” but you mumbling we ain’t hearing shit so how am I fearing it I’m not scared of a skinny kid with a silly grin your spark is dimly lit I don’t want to bury a mini bitch I just want y’all to acknowledge I can really spit

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