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OGL Gameplays
Se unió a YouTube en: 2009-12-23Área: Estados Unidos  Idioma: Inglés 
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63.6M  0.2%
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1.84K  -7.1%
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105,382nd  (Top 1.1%)
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21,744th  (Top 3%)
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90  (Mes reciente)
Est. Ingreso de compañero(mensual)
$ 5.73K-$ 17.73K
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$ 26.76  (Cada Video)
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5.9M Vistas· 2019-06-06 Fecha de Publicación· 14.01K Gustos· 65 Comentarios

Talking Tom Hero Dash Gameplay By Outfi7 (Android IOS APK) Talking Tom Hero Dash Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4lo5pAedT26bZ90Vu8yPBy-6_rQjMDG4 NEW HEROES: Talking Ben and Talking Ginger join the superhero team! NEW WORLDS TO SAVE: Explore pyramids in the desert and icy caves in the arctic. BE A SUPERHERO: Talking Tom, Talking Angela and their friends all have amazing unique superpowers which you can use while running. DEFEAT THE RACCOON GANGS: Besides collecting gold coins and avoiding obstacles, you can also hit raccoons for some extra rewards! WIN BOSS FIGHTS: Fight the Raccoon Boss to save and unlock Talking Angela and Talking Hank. RUN THROUGH AWESOME WORLDS: Fight the raccoons among skyscrapers, alongside tropical beaches and through Chinese-inspired villages. PERFORM EXCITING STUNTS: Each running world has its own unique features. Leap between rooftops, swing on cranes, run along cruise ships, but watch out for the swimming pools! RESCUE AND REBUILD: Raccoons are destroying and polluting the world and it’s up to you to drive them away so that you can rebuild and clean up. Once each location is fixed up, it’s time to face the Raccoon Boss. Defeat him and it’s on to the next running world! UNLOCK OUTFITS: Unlock cool outfits piece by piece and customize each of the superheroes. PLAY SPECIAL EVENTS: Explore new ways of playing, and complete missions to earn awesome rewards. If you love Talking Tom Gold Run, you're going to want Talking Tom Hero Dash in your collection too! It’s a cool, fun game suitable for the whole family. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE for more games! Thanks!► http://bit.ly/oglgameplays Android Download► https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.outfit7.herodash APK► http://www.onlinegameslist.org/for-kids/talking-tom-hero-dash iPhone/Ipad Download► https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/talking-tom-hero-dash/id1434807653 #TalkingTom #TalkingAngela #TalkingGinger #TalkingBen #TomHeroDash #TalkingTomHeroDash #OglGameplays #Oglplays #MobileGames #NewMobileGames

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